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Keep culture strong

We are committed to creating value for Elders and Mob equal to (or greater than) 51% of our profits.
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And with your help, culture will stay strong

for another 80,000 years.

We recognise Communities make their own decisions and take responsibility for their People.

We merely exist to

We are doing our job and keeping

culture strong when:


  • self-determination is high. Community has full governance over their people (health, education etc)

  • there is consistent knowledge transfer between generations

  • country, culture, heritage is increasingly protected and preserved

  • Indigenous education and competency increases among the mainstream

What it looks like...


Mentoring & Training

Business mentoring and training will be provided for local community members that have existing businesses or are starting a business.


Community owned & led businesses

The Tjungu Project aims to create an industry that supports the opportunity for Community owned/led businesses to supply and facilitate the program.


Funding & Grants

Funding and grants will be available for start-up businesses or community projects that have outcomes to promote, protect and preserve culture.


Employment opportunities 

The Tjungu Project aims to create the opportunity for Community members to be employed in roles that help the facilitation of the program and any employment created by Tjungu's Community Funding.


Tjungu Project is a Certified B Corporation with an overall score of 116.2. This means we meet the highest global standards in social and environmental impact.

We envision a global economy that uses business as a force for good.  As a Certified B Corporation, we are purpose-driven and create benefits for all stakeholders, not just shareholders. 


As a social enterprise, we are profit for purpose and are registered and certified with Social Traders. We use business as a vehicle for impact through profit, efforts and resources.

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Tjungu Project is a proud partner and licence holder with the Central Land Council, which serves as the representative body for the Aboriginal communities of Central Australia.
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