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The Tjungu way.

The Tjungu Project is a certified social enterprise and certified B Corp, built on the shared value model.

We exist to partner with First Nations peoples, to keep culture strong from one generation to the next. We do this by providing a sustainable supply of well-prepared guests for participation in cultural programs.

Through our partnerships with Traditional Owners, our experiences include a once in a lifetime, off-the-grid cultural and leadership experience in a regional Australian location for business leaders, executives and school students.

On this flagship journey, leaders can walk side-by-side with Traditional Owners to better understand and appreciate Aboriginal culture.

Our duty of care is to carefully select and prepare people to participate in a Tjungu experience.

For example, our guests understand before they travel that cultural activities like singing or dancing are not for guests' entertainment. They are forms of storytelling, a way of passing on knowledge to younger generations.

If we do our job well, a guest's experience can be life-changing.


You can find connection and learn from the oldest living culture in the world.


Silence, stillness and extraordinary country create the backdrop to think differently during a Tjungu experience.

On all of our journeys, you can discover previously unknown internal resources.

This is a cultural immersion multiplied by professional growth, overlaid with a social conscience.

The Experience.

Your program has been refined by years of cultural, development and growth experience and knowledge. Each program is tailored for the needs of the group participating.

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Self-reflection learning and activities.

Cultural sensitivity education.


Two-way Cultural learning activities.

Tech-free, Deep Listening.

Emphasis on looking at the past.

On Country



Sustainable social impact project*.

Emphasis on looking at the 'now'.


Painting your vision and dreams for tomorrow.

Emphasis on the future.

Making sense of what you've learnt.

1 on 1 and Group reflective sessions.

The Tjungu way is about being alongside your Indigenous counterparts listening and learning about their 80 thousand-year story, providing leadership lessons that go far beyond anything found in self-help or management books.

*Artwork by Tjunkaya Tapaya, Pitjantjatjara

The Details.

Our personal approach ensures each and every program we run is an incredible learning experience for you and your organisation.


The program starts well before you jump on Country. Before you depart we help participants prepare for their own experience, uncovering their own personal outcomes and building knowledge to ensure a culturally sensitive experience.


We have partnerships with homelands and communities in some of the most incredible places in Australia. Every region and Homeland has its own unique flavour and stories to tell, and every immersion is different.


You will be On Country for four to five days. This is where the magic happens, and connections and growth occur. The group will be welcomed by the community to share stories and culture... all totally tech-free (Sounds crazy right?! But we promise you probably won't want to turn your phone back on.)

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When arriving back home, it's part of our responsibility to help you make sense of what you experienced and help your learning live on in your daily lives. Through reflection, storytelling activities and optional ongoing coaching, we'll give you the best chance.


The Tjungu learning program is carefully constructed to link each phase of the experience. Each participant will be required to conduct a number of self-reflections and activities that assist the learning outcomes. Optional organisational strategic 'off-site' sessions can also be included in the On Country experience.


Our carefully selected Leaders are responsible for the overall safety and facilitation of the program from start to finish. Our Leaders are real world educators. They work with each participant and the group to achieve the desired learning outcomes.


We arrange all trip logistics including flights, comprehensive insurance, risk assessments, medical kits and more. Your point of contact for travel logistics will be your dedicated Group Manager.


We want everyone involved in the Tjungu Project to have a life-changing experience without having to worry about their safety. The best way to take care of this is to anticipate problems rather than react to them. We work hard behind the scenes to make sure groups stay safe, so you can enjoy your experience with peace of mind.

Program timeline.

Step 1: Onboarding.

6 plus weeks to go...

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of the experience, expect to dot those i's and cross those t's. You will receive an email linking to a form including all the booking and deposit information.

Step 2: Start your Journey.

Once your onboarding process is complete your journey begins. We begin by putting you front and center. Expect an email welcoming you to the Tjungu Project. The email will link you to a series of questions asking you to reflect on what you want from the experience. Your answers help us map out your learning profile.

Step 3: Tjungu Learning Pack.

4 weeks to go...

Look out in the good ol fashioned letterbox. With about 4 weeks to go, we will send you a package with all your essentials; your journal, a couple of books and some gear etc. Cause we always need more gear. Look out in the pack for some handy instructions that will guide you in the lead-up.

Step 4: Pre-trip meet up.

1 week to go...

The time and space to get together as a group set expectations and start our cultural education journey. This session will be delivered in person or online if needed.

Step 5: On Country.

Where the magic happens.

Cultural activities, camping under a trillion stars, stillness and silence.

Step 6: Post-trip

1+ months after..

We help you continue your learning beyond the trip. We will arrange for the group to reunite and reflect. You will have access to optional coaching to help you implement your learning into your life - so you continue to do what matters with people that matter in alignment with your values.

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