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Letter from the Founder and CEO.

Dear Tjungu friends,

If I am honest with myself, there have been times when I have performed goodness. My intentions were seemingly ok. But at the end of the day, I served the purpose of looking good more than effecting meaningful change and impact.

In the middle of last year, I walked with my wife, chatting about a question that kept coming up and wouldn't go away. How can I do more? Instead of just posting the black square or wearing the right t-shirt, how can I do more to listen and learn? What can I do to become a better ally?

Someone wise once taught me the question is more powerful than the answer. Asking questions, opening our ears and listening to our First Nations people.

Through listening, the Tjungu Project was born.

The reason we exist is to create a strong economic model for knowledge transfer among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and their communities.

The Tjungu Project is a vehicle for Australia's Indigenous people to teach and maintain strong culture among their younger generation as they emerge as leaders of their people. While at the same time providing a cultural immersion where you can celebrate and learn about the leadership philosophy that has guided the oldest living civilisation.

Our experiences give you the time and space to reflect on your story, stand in your present and dream about your future. Tjungu is a program that helps share culture with all Australians AND create powerful outcomes for Traditional Owners. The program will help to re-shape the Australian narrative and widen participant lenses to inspire genuine learning and change.

Your life-affirming personal and professional experience will make a meaningful difference.

Each Tjungu experience is completely tech-free, allowing you to shut out the noise, to connect on a deeper level with yourself, others and our country’s extraordinary history through an authentic exchange with Traditional Owners.

The Tjungu project will provide you with leadership lessons like no other. You will widen your lens. You will connect deeply with your values. You will rediscover your own true north, empowering your capacity to lead yourself and others to a new level. You will return energised and inspired to be a genuine ally.

We are excited for you to start your journey with us.

Mitch Brown

Founder / CEO

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This is such an incredible message, Mitch. One to be shared far and wide as the Tjungu Project continues to change the lives and perceptions of so many. Bravo.

Mi piace
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